The Excursion de France is the BIG one; it’s the World mug and the Olympics all in one. It has all of it, the high mountains, the wind swept north planes and the warmth of the south. It also has the world’s media, all the top groups and bikers as well as countless cycling mad followers viewing. The other “Grand Tours” of Italy as well as Spain are as exciting, sometimes more so, but they don’t have the thing the Scenic tour has, that unique Tour ness, that special French ness.


How it started.

It all began in 1903, when the French day-to-day paper, L’Auto wished to offer more than its competitor, Le VĂ©lo, that at that time was the only paper reporting on cycle racing. It was recommended to the papers supervisor, Henri Desgrange that they must organise a bike race all round France. The very first race was 2,428 kilometres divided right into six phases and was run off at 25.29 kilometres per hr and out of the 60 beginners 21 finished as well as the race was lead throughout by Maurice Garin.

The Heroes.

Over the years there has actually been a whole lot of heroes in the Trip de France, you can state all the bikers are heroes, to win the race as soon as is tough, yet to win it 5 times is amazing. This is all the a lot more impressive as he is a cancer survivor as well as was given a 50/50 possibility of life; he went as well as beat the cancer on to defeat all comers in the Trip de France.

The course.

The race begins in a various town each year as well as every various other year it begins outside France, the choice of stage communities is a combination of cash as well as sporting factors to consider, the communities will certainly spend for a finish or a beginning, yet they require to be near a mountain or a patched roadway or be near various other community who wish to organize the Scenic tour. The Towns pay to be the centre of passion for a day, the Excursion likewise generates a lot of cash in tourist and the Towns gather far more than they pay as well as the globe will certainly remember the name of the Town, for a minimum of a day.

The motorcyclists.

All the best motorcyclists intend to win the Scenic tour de France, however they cant, from the 200 or so starters there is a feasible five or 6 motorcyclists that can win, the rest are either assisting their group leaders or sprint or mountain professionals who want to win phases or points or hill jackets, this maintains the race fascinating as well as active from beginning to end.

The BIG Tour.

The Trip is the most significant, but that has its issues, some Towns are not huge enough, resorts etc., the television requires more space, the journalists require more phone lines and also computer systems, a growing number of individuals are following the race and also the cyclists can be ignored in all the razzmatazz, however its still the greatest sporting event worldwide, long might in run!